Friday, 2 November 2012

p.WRECKS - "Luggage Checked to Nowhere" (Album Review)

- In the words of Phillip K Dick "No single thing abides and all things are fucked up."

Grindcore Karaoke's numero uno Hip Hop export p.WRECKS's latest offering "Luggage Checked to Nowhere" in my opinion encompasses everything that is needed to create an extremely solid release. The production is as innovative as it is alternative, the lyrical content is clever, idea filled and thought invoking and the flow of p.WRECKS himself, for lack of a better word is so "fresh" you can't help but tip your hat to the guy for trying his absolute hardest to push forward something he clearly believes in.

I'll be the first to admit that on first, second and sometimes third listen a large portion of p.Wrecks's lyrical content, although always strong goes way over my head but it does exactly what all good Hip Hop should do; It makes you think. In a way it's a lot like the first time you spin an Agoraphobic Nosebleed disc and are confronted with highly abstract lyrics that you don't often get at all but as you listen more and more you begin to find threads of meaning to pull at, regardless of being self found meaing or a deeper message put across on purpose by the Artist you start to see past the face value and start discovering words caked in substance that some how seem more powerful when you finally at least think you have an idea of what he is rapping about. Although outside of his music I know nothing about p.WRECKS personally it's clear that this guy is an extremely deep thinker. You physically couldn't pen the lyrics to tracks such as "Submerged" or "Collars" without having an active mind being worked overtime.    

I'm not sure who was behind the the production on "Luggaged Checked to Nowhere" but it goes hand in hand with the vocal delivery in perfect oddity , complimenting the, as previously mentioned in the "GEGNER" review, borderline spoken word flow perfectly. The two compliment each other so well in fact that if it wasn't produced by the man himself there are obviously more talented people out there than I thought because this stuff as lone instrumentals would prove as a solid listen in it's self.

If you aren't really into Hip Hop but like the sound of what you have read here or are unsure about checking it out because it sounds massivley different to your favourite Tyga album then I highly recommend the track "Faux Forrest" as a good starting point before exploring the more experimental works of Hip Hop's number one dissidant progressor, p.WRECKS.

Long Live p.Wrecks.

Peace to Xrin Arms as well.

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